Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby steps: Moving forward

I am trying very hard to keep this in perspective, and remain calmly optimistic, but it's hard to not get excited by the possibility...

I took the typing test for the Perrysburg dispatcher job. Remember, I got an 81 percent on the written test when I expected to fail it. I took the typing test on July 1, and scored 68.59 words per minute with zero errors. I was quite pleased with that, and figured I at least secured my place in the top 6 who were to be interviewed.

But 20 days later, which was Tuesday, I hadn't heard anything...not a "congrats, you've moved to the next step," or even a "too bad, so sad, you didn't make the cut."

So I made a phone call to the human resources office, and she was just chock full of information that she just voluntarily shared. Here are how the numbers broke down:

250 people applied for the job
175 people took the written test
48 people passed the test and continued on to the typing test
4 people tied for the second highest score and 8 people tied for the sixth highest score, SO
Since the top 6 scores will be subjected to the background check, there are 16 people in the running.
She then informed me that the highest score on the written test was 87.
I scored an 81
I tied with 3 other people for "second place" in the current running.

That means I am in the top 5!!!!!!!

This morning, I received a phone call from a Perrysburg Police detective. I will go up to meet him tomorrow morning to get my "background check packet" to fill out and I will be fingerprinted as part of the background check.

I have no idea what the "background check packet " includes, but he said it is extensive and I have a week to return it. My goal is to pick it up Thursday and return it Friday.

I know my background has nothing untoward in it, except for a couple of really OLD speeding tickets, so barring any surprises, I should be moving on with the first interview!!!!

Please keep your fingers crossed for me, pray, send good karma, throw your magic 8 ball at me, do a little good luck dance, or whatever it is that you believe. I will gladly accept it all!!!!!!!

...And to think, I almost quit in the middle of the written test and walked away for good...