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I have created this space as a collection point for encyclopedic knowledge of the film, from A to Z. This includes facts about the film, research, opinions and discussions.

In order to facilitate those discussions and collect those opinions, I need YOUR help! Therefore, I encourage you to share my blog among your friends and on all of your social media. Go ahead and share some of the ideas you have learned here.

However, if you share something you found here (either information or photo), please include the following information:

  1. Title of the blog article or page that you found it on.
  2. Web address of the blog article or page that you found it on.
  3. If the photo came from another source (all of my sources are marked, please credit those sources instead of this blog.
  4. If you borrow an idea from another individual's comment, please include the name of that person and the date the comment was made, in addition to all of the above information.
  5. If applicable, please include the hashtags #IAWB, #IAWL, and/or #IAWLFAN

    Thanks for visiting and thanks for sharing!

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