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I started this blog in 2009 to document my job search and survival in the world of unemployment. Since then, it covered a wide range of topics.

Now I will focus on the classic Capra film It's a Wonderful Life. I will talk about various aspects of the film and its characters, related films, and how this film relates to my life at times. Please be sure to subscribe and make comments.

This blog assumes you have seen the film, and therefore will have spoilers. So if you have not watched it yet, subscribe to this page, save it in the Pocket extension or app so you can read it later, and go watch It's a Wonderful Life right now!!!

On regular weeks, I post on Mondays and Wednesdays. I also have Photo Friday, when I post a photo, or a series of photos. My goal is to keep the photos thematic to It's a Wonderful Life. There will probably be times when I throw in a surprise photo.

There will be other times when I join a blog challenge and post according to their schedule. Typically, however, I will keep to the Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule.

My topics will cover different aspects of It's a Wonderful Life, including scenes in the film, the actors and actresses, the crew, other films, American history, character studies, and whatever else I come up with. Everything will relate to It's a Wonderful Life in some way.

If you have a topic idea or question, please feel free to contact me. I sincerely mean that. This blog is meant to be a two-way street. I WANT to talk about things with you. I know a lot about It's a Wonderful Life, but there are still many open-ended questions and other details that I can't answer.

My goal is to make this web site an encyclopedic reference for all things related to this amazing film.

Personal details:

I graduated from Bluffton College (now Bluffton University) in Ohio in 1997 with a BA in English and communication. While I was there, I wrote a 40-page paper about It's a Wonderful Life. That paper has turned into a 257-page manuscript. I am currently exploring publishing options.

I spent 12 years working for a newspaper in my hometown before I was laid off in 2009 during the recession. During this time, newspapers began to struggle as the Internet became the public's main source of information.

In 2009, I began working as an administrative assistant in a drug and alcohol prevention education program in Ohio. I have helped oversee the operation of five different grants, and I have helped to successfully write one federal grant, as well as two local grants that are renewed annually. I recently began teaching prevention education in classrooms and I am working to become an Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist.

I am the co-host of the Wood County Prevention Coalition Podcast, which can be found at https://wcprevention.wordpress.com/podcasts/ In spite of that title, I have proudly identified as ISTJ (Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judgment) on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. Read more about my personality here.

I am husband, father, writer, blogger, photographer, Web designer, Christian, and a work in progress. I am NOT perfect. I enjoy reading and I LOVE classic films. My musical taste is as eclectic as your weird Uncle Bob.


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