Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let there be art!

A really weird thing happened to me this weekend.

I have always been creative. I did a really good water color still-life in elementary or middle school that my mom insisted on keeping. I did a plaster statue of a kid playing guitar. I wrote my first song lyrics in eighth grade and filled 3 notebooks with them. I added guitar to about six of them, and a solo to one of those.

Short stories, poetry, essays, and now more recently blogs: I have enjoyed doing all of them.

This past weekend, I read the book Cobain Unseen by Charles Cross, and at some point, I became inspired. I have ideas for several projects, but I have no idea where this inspiration came from (a dark place maybe), how long it will last, or what it means, or even what mediums it will take. What I DO know is that if I follow through on some of the projects I have imagined, I won't be able to post them all here.

This first project, which I am posting here, was not my planned first project. The inspiration came from an unlikely space. I was at work and opened this big plastic box that turned out to be full of Easter decorating supplies. When I opened it, I was overwhelmed with the smell of stale chocolate, plastic grass and easter eggs. So I took a picture of it, learned how to use the Photoshop selection tool the right way (thanks YouTube!!!), and created this. The Hannah Montana sticker was a bonus feature that I found while searching through my kids' stuff for a sticker of the Easter Bunny.

Since this movement was inspired by Kurt Cobain and his work, I think it's very appropriate that the first thought upon opening that box was "Smells Like Easter in Here." So I named it "Smells Like Easter."
Smells Like Easter by Greg Van Vorhis

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