Monday, May 25, 2009

Big day, big news, big week

There is a LOT of stuff going on this week, so here are the highlights.

We went camping this weekend, so I picked up the weekend mail today (Monday) and found out that I passed the Civil Service Test in Findlay, with a score of 94 percent. Yeah for me!!! That means that I go on to the next step and take the computer portion of the test on June 2.

I also take the Civil Service Test for the Perrysburg dispatching position on June 17.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), I have a real interview for a position with the Wood County Educational Service Center. The last time I had an interview, I was offered the assistant manager position for the Peebles position. I am cautiously confident, but not cocky about my chances.

In other non-job-related business, I won tickets and meet-and-greet passes to see Bret Michaels, and the concert is Wednesday in Toledo. I'm looking forward to that.

On Thursday, Evan "graduates" from pre-school. Photos likely to be posted from both the concert and the graduation.

On the home front, Kaleb is crawling, standing, "cruising," holding himself steady with one hand, and by my guess is only about two months away from walking. He also happens to be teething, so he is one fiercely grumpy gus.

Wish us luck all around!!

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