Monday, March 9, 2015

It's a Wonderful Travelogue Part 1: The Jimmy Stewart Museum

Back in the early 2000s, I traveled to Indiana, PA. Yes, really. Not Indiana. Not Pennsylvania. Indiana, PA. It is the former home of Jimmy Stewart and the current home of the Jimmy Stewart Museum.

The museum, complete with a theatre that plays Stewart films all day long, is located in the town's library, across the street from the former location of Stewart's father's store. It was in this store that Stewart hung a map of the world and tracked Lindberg's flight. He later portrayed Lindberg on that very same flight in the film The Spirit of St. Louis.

Below are some photos of my trip there. These photos were taken from my personal collection. Things have changed over the years, and it's probably time I make another pilgrimage there. But you can find new updates at

Have you been to the Jimmy Stewart Museum? Do you want to go? Comment below!
The exterior entrance of the museum. I think this has changed since then.
A statue of Jimmy Stewart that stands outside of the museum.
Historical plaque outside of the museum.
I believe this is the location where Jimmy Stewart's father had his store. According to Google Maps, this building has undergone a drastic facelift.
This mural is inside the entrance of the museum, if my memory is still any good.
Once you enter the building, you have to take the elevator to the museum itself, which is on the third floor.
This was the temporary version of the Stewart statue that is now outside. Once the final statue was complete, the temporary version was moved inside. I think there is a sign somewhere that says don't touch. If it existed, I either didn't see it, or I didn't care. Not sure which.
This is the booth Stewart always sat at when he at at his favorite restaurant. That booth is now at the museum. I can't remember the name of the restaurant.

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