Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Collection Part 11 - The Bedford Falls Sentinel

Source: Blogger's collection
I have a huge collection of It's a Wonderful Life-related stuff. Some of the connections are obvious. Other connections have to be explained.

This is one of the easy connections, but not everyone has seen this.

Here are two issues of The Bedford Falls Sentinel, which were published in the mid-1990s. The Bedford Falls Sentinel was a newsletter/sales pitch that was part of Target's It's a Wonderful Life village pieces. Once you registered a building, you began receiving these newsletters.

As an added bonus for registering your buildings, this newsletter included an order form for special order-only bonus pieces that were not available in stores. Three of the pieces I ordered special through the newsletters were a Christmas tree-shaped bell, a flag pole, and a Civil War soldier statue. I'll post photos of those at a later date.

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