Thursday, May 28, 2015

Movie Review - Pocketful of Miracles

In my movie reviews, I give my brief thoughts on what I watched. Sometimes I will expound on those thoughts, but more often than not, I will just give a brief opinion. You can read plot descriptions on Internet Movie Database or on Amazon.

Pocketful of Miracles, starring Glenn Ford and Bette Davis (1961).

This is a sandwich movie. By that, I mean in was a remake that was also remade.

In 1933, Frank Capra made the film Lady for a Day. In 1961, he remade the film as Pocketful of Miracles. It was later remade in 1989 as Miracles - Mr. Canton and Lady Rose, directed by Jackie Chan.

The good news is that in my opinion, Pocketful is better than Lady. The bad news is that this is one of two of Capra's own films that he remade himself. The other is Broadway Bill (1934) remade as Riding High (1950).

In true form, Capra taps into his list of regular actors, including Wonderful Life stars Sheldon Leonard, Thomas Mitchell, and Ellen Corby.

Pocketful is seedier than Lady, getting deeper into the gangland activity. Lady seemed to focus more on the seedy side of street life and homelessness.

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