Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We moved

In my last blog entry, I told about the possibility that I have Multiple Sclerosis. A second reason I disappeared for the last year is that once we got my migraines more or less under control, we decided it was time to buy a new house and move.

In February, 2016, we started getting serious about getting a house. My wife and I got married and lived in a mobile home (the preferred diggs of divorced dudes everywhere) for almost 10 years. Most of our stuff was in a storage unit and we needed more space to live. And I was getting tired of not being able to set up my It's a Wonderful Life ceramic village due to said lack of space. So we started looking.

We found one in a neighboring town that was huge (3000 square feet) and within our price range. It was a gorgeous house that was probably a hotel back when it was built in the 1800s. Then we paid for the inspection and found enough issues to send us running back to

We finally found a house in a small, quiet town. On the day we went through it for the first time, were the 7th family to go through the house on that day alone. We knew that there would be offers on the house because it was a great house, so we decided to make an offer that night and gut-check ourselves in the morning to make sure we really wanted it. We were the third offer made on that house that day. Our gut-check was super solid, and after some negotiating, we bought it.

And we love it. It's such a quiet, low-key town. Maybe a little more conservative than I prefer but everybody minds their own business and it's been wonderful. We have a large yard with room for a huge fire pit. We have a gargantuan deck on the back of the house that has been great for several parties and get-togethers so far. And the best part was that besides some cleaning and a little bit of paint, the house was practically move-in ready.

Our 3-foot-diameter fire pit and some top-shelf beer makes for a relaxing fall evening.
I can't wait to finish putting up my It's a Wonderful Life ceramic village this week (I'm almost finished. Pictures and video to come soon!). We even have room for two Christmas trees, and Jenn gave me free reign over our upstairs hallway/landing, so I decorated it with my It's a Wonderful Life collection, which stays up year-round.

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